Friday, November 07, 2008


TEDDY CHARLES {Theodire Cohen] Vibist, Deagan Artist
Longtime friend and legendary composer and collaboraror of Charles Mingus, and founder of the Avant Garde Movement in NY in the '50s,60's and 70s. Still doin'it in NY, with recordings, and appearances at such huge venues as the Vangard, and the Iridium. Still a sea faring man, of Schooners. AND a DOGIST!!!

NOAH GARABEDIAN, Contrabassist
Sent to me by the first Bassist with my LA group, Roberto Miranda, Noah arrived at the door of my studio begging for a chance to play with my Avant Garde Trio, Noah was a knock- kneed kid with a toothy grin, and chops that wouldn't quit.His first gig with the group was so difficult his fingers bled, as he was a student at UCLA, and wasn't prepared with adequate callouses to endure strenuous playing fo extended periods of time Of course he had BIG EARS, and a heart to match.. He was with my Trio for four years, wending his way into my psyche and being. A very intuitive player, he had the uncanny ability to read my mind musically and personally.He eventually left for the Jazz Life in New York.[Brooklyn.] I am hoping he will freeze his buns off, and return to LA,to rejoin SFCJLA....He was actually my Scotty La Faro...Awsome Dude.

The one Bassist who literally changed the entire way of playing Jazz on the Contrabass, using the Bow with a scrupulous Classical tecnique, and Bowing genius. When he first arrived in NY at the Embers on E 64th Street, he was fresh out of Northwstern University in Chicago, and the more knowledgable musicians in town were knocked out, He had the ultimate career in NY, all the best Jazz gigs, sometimes playing with the NY Philharmonic when their Bass section couldn't get horrifically difficult passages together on compositions by Stockhausen, Varese, or Stravinsky. Richard was my FIRST Bassist in forming a duo and Trio in NY, At one point we even had a DUO with just Contrabass and Vibes.. I LOVED his Contrabass, which was a majestic instrument with a carved wood Lion's Head as the scroll. He now is the head of the String Dept at the University of Wisconson in Madison, and in very active in Human Rights movements... The Consumate Musician, Friend and Humanitarian.
Suezenne Fordham,SFCJLA

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