Saturday, June 01, 2013

Lovely Lady Abbey!!! Went to hear her one night with my vibes teacher, milt Jackson and priceeded to have a great LOID discussion with Milt about who was enduring more prejudice.... Me as a white Chicj Jazz Pianist living in elegant but modest digs on riverside Drive and 95th Street Owr Milt who had a $$$$!.5 Mil Home in Scarsdale.... hahah this argument gradually escalated to the point that Abbey just went silent on the mike... while we made assesf ourselves  OMG!!!
Lovely Lady Abbey!!! Went to hear her one night with my vibes teacher, milt Jackson and priceeded to have a great LOID discussion with Milt about who was enduring more prejudice.... Me as a white Chicj Jazz Pianist living in elegant but modest digs on riverside Drive and 95th Street Owr Milt who had a $$$$!.5 Mil Home in Scarsdale.... hahah this argument gradually escalated to the point that Abbey just went silent on the mike... while we made assesf ourselves  OMG!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Suezenne Fordham My Ursa [Elderly Chow had a beautiful sweater and quilted coat... I had an emergency for acouple of hours and the neighbors call animal reg because she was whining!!! This was a very OLD dog and was an indoor dog but had her own beautiful kennel.... they came to my house entered without my permission and took her roughly to the pound.... When I get home the notice was on the gate so early next morning I went there ... she had been abused and was near death, AND they had STOLEN her beautiful Sweater, AND her Matching Quilted Coat.... they wouldnt release her to me til I signed a statement that I would take her directly to her vet and have her destroyed!!! They called her vet and was informed that she had regular vet care and that she wasn't in a state that she needed put down..... BUT the vet didnt know about the abuse.... I Took her to her vet and he said she had been abused.... and the kindest thing was to put her down.... AND I never got her fine clothes back that they had stolen!!! This was LA DAR, on Van Owen Street san Fernando Valley.... Murders and thieves!!! Another time I tried to do a rescue nar the place I kept my horses, the DAR came and threatened to shoot me if I didnt turn over the dogs to her!!! Then she picked them up and THREW them against the Metal in the truck [cages ] and laughed at me and dared me to make a move [ so she could shoot me} Agenda 21??? These people at the pounds are cruel and sadistic creeps!!! I went to the Vanowen DAR the next day and they didnt believe me...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Suezenne Fordham Always Love Liszt!!! There's something for everyone there!!!I frankly adore the super snooty snotty musical snobs who in realityy don't oknow theor Arses fromm their noses!!! It's hilarious to stand by and be entertained by Dilitants!!! And today's Histrionic Champions are even funnier.... Say LL And YY labouring mightily AT the Cello... All in the name of Virtuost... losing all connection to the music.... Perhaps someday they will return to sanity and realise the audience came to hear music, not an Aerobics class..... OMG too funny
Suezenne Fordham I Love that "Sonata"....Another Cliche I adore is the 17 year old prodigy violinist hobblong onstage, ultimatelly teetering on the brink of fallong over withh grand Bushy Hair AND the Humongously full skirted Tight bodiced most likaly Flaming Red Gown ..... professing to master a major Concerto... Say Brahms or Sibelius or God Forbid edging themselves further toward Carpel Tunnel with the Shostakovitch Cello Concerto [ if a cellist then regaleing to the orcghestea members and audience that she was havine "tendon trouble" just a few daus earlirt.... Also vital in this performance is the head tossing throwing around the sweaty by now decoiffed "DO" Wway too hilarious!!!
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

OMG Its all hitting me today... Maurice went to NY a few days ago, and Lyn told me he went there to bury daumants  D's ashes were at Mo's apartmany months as they couldnt find the right size urn that would fit in the Wall where his parents are buried... D didnt want this he just wanted to be scattered  in places,,, but Mo, Lynn and I thought it would be better for him to be beside his parentsAt rota Latvian compound in Upstate Ny... And so it was that Maurice went to NY to see his Brothers , retrieve the ashes tthentake them upstate.... from what Lynn said... they had a candlelight ceremony, though it was raining And a couple of other people were there...AAnd it is hitting me about the whole of time that D and I were married... The first 20 years were really ... though nothing  for me in my field here in LA!!! But through hard work... Mo developed into a stunning Cellist and ultimately married a marvelous young Lady,,,, Brilliant AND a Violist.... they had no children asMaurice developed Cancer Hodgkins and they were then only married 5 years.... they grew even closer and defeated that disease with Fine medical treatments from Cedars Sinai... They both became valuable Playere in the Studio Scene here... also in the Symphony, and Chamber Music areas....And for tthe first 20 tears D. was very successful as a Theme Park Architect- Imagineer at Disney... Alcohol had been a part of his life and as the years spun on it became moore of a problem... to be continued

Friday, May 17, 2013

Great!!! Just got a LONG telephone call from a NY Icon Drummer I knew many years ago!!1 RAY MOSCA!!! Played Drums with my first husband Alex Kallao RCA Victor recording Artist!!! We had a great visit... He lost a lot in Hurricanesandy and just now got a new roof.... and will redo his Music Room!!! He said he never saw anything like it!!! He's doing lots of playing ...Jazz Festivals recordings!!! He come to LA to record sometimes!!! Wow it is good to hear he's OK... though Bill Crow [ NY Bassist  posted a gig from the Regency with RAY and Marty Napoleon!!! Bill and ray's rhythm section was "cookin'" really good feelings....

  • Suezenne Fordham On Mamo's farm where I spent a lot of my childhood... there was a storm cellar that she used to put her home canned goods from her bountiful garden.... Just a hole omn the ground with a sort of top on it covered with earth at ground level.... One time my cousin and I were home alone when a bad twister hit and my cuz had the sense to get us and the dogs in there and get thte horizontal door closed... the tornado hit bad taking ALL the ois away ti Neverland!!! We never saw or heard about them from that time.... It was a somple thing maybe 6 ft X 10 feet .... homw done but it really worked as it was below ground with the door horozontal levey with the ground and a MILLION Black widow Spisies!!! EEEEEKKKkkk!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

  • Suezenne Fordham: to Bassist and co worker at NY's Hickory HouseJazz Club
    Yes I remember you very well with MMPAnd also Joe Morello!!! W--O--W!! was she ticked when Joe left her Trio!!! I moved out here to LA in the early 70s and it really sucks as far as music goes... I sidestepped the clubs and formed my concert group... 4th Stream Avant GardeFun!!! [Including 8 gongs... My Son is a Studio and free lance Cellist That's interesting.... My Trio was on the road a lot out of NY for Glaser... I love your writings .... It reconnects me so clearly with NY.... I have never been back.... I hated to leave but married a brilliant young Architect wjo became a Theme Park Architect for Disney... Alas!!! he killed himself a year ago Valentines eve.... I still ride horseback, and have my own Paso Fino Gaited horses, doing all the work myself and sometimes teaching tthat discipline.... Still practice 7 hours a day starting at about 11PM.... hahah!!! Still into small cars have 4 VWs 72 s..... I am so tickled when I see your name!!! Bev is a long time FB friend,,,, turns out she is second cousin to my som [ the cellist.... in his long genealogical pursuit!!! Have a Ball.... Tickled to reconnect with you And really tickled at the thoughts of the HH!!! Remember Mr Popkin chasing a waaiter around that Bar with an ashtray raised overhead after a costomer complained about the steak>>> OMG How funny was that!!! Remember Bessie, the lady's room attendat and the really cool Musicians' table where everyone hung out??? Wwell I better not bother you .... please do Frind my FB as there are loads of grreat musicians and others there!!! Hugs from Ca.... [ gotta get to the Barn and take care of chores!!!
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  • Suezenne Fordham
    Your group with M. Napoleon and Ra7 sounded good you really cook!!! Chops ae great!!1 Ray, too give him my Hi's and I send him a hug Does he still live in Garden Grove?? I was really saddenned by Telly Charles passing... we were friends for years!!! No one told me I just kept trying to get him on the phone for our usual conversations!!! Wonder what happenned to all his dogs??? !!! I am a bear with Bassists and I was really happy to see and hear you on the computer [ at the Regency} hahah!! Terrif!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wake:Don't forget PeeWee the Doorman!!! hahah!!! you are way too young to remember him!!! My first gig in my coming to go to Juilliard was a hatchick at Birdland... after 2 nights, Mo Levy took me ti the eastside  jazz club gave me a gig as hatchick there  as he said I wasn't right for Birdland!!1 BTW the first night walking down the stairs i heard my first sax player.... It was Charile Parker!!! hahah I had never heard that kind of music before
Suezenne Fordham { For Bassist Charlie Domingo} re: your 20s and 30s... AND sets you up for what you really love to do in Life... develops your Musical Passions if you are to survive in Music... If you love it above everything then you will not only survive, but Thrive, babe! Don't look at me I wasted lots of my time trying to fix D!!! to my own health's detriment!!! and to a loss of valuable time... It passes so quickly, but you can't see this at your time of life!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Suezenne Fordham Duh,,,, I know nothing of guns.... I thought the night my husband offed himself that he used a can grabber to grab the trigger, as I saw a shadow on the ground from a small light.... Just came to realise that shadow was the reflection of the trigger on the ground caused by the litt outdoor light... The police kept telling me there was no can grabber out there.... but that shadow still haunts my memory!!!
Suezenne Fordham No... It was his way out He was alcoholic and fortified himself with a half botthe of a fine Bourbon I was going to use in Baked Beans!!! I am happy he didnt take me, too....Fortunately he left a lengthy note in an envelop on his computer... It took a while to actually see it And when the police read the note they stopped questioning me.... I thought he had fallen on a rake that caused the hole in his neck.... cant believe how naive I was... He hadnever taken that shotgun out of the bag even to clean it to my knowlledge!!!
Suezenne Fordham Wont bother you with this stuff!!! BTW... I am NOT anti gun.... It was simply his choices!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Notes on Gregorian Chant::LOVE authentic Gregorian Chant!!! Learned it since 1st grade  beginning in "37!!! Above: Miserere nobis, Agnus Dei qui tolis pecata mundi Agnus Dei Qui tolis pecatamundi,dona nobis Pacem.... Oh I do Midd the REAL Gregorian hant!!! The recordings now are so wrong!!![ like using all voices except 1 with no vibrato, then having ove voice doing a vibrato as others sing W/O.... Vibrato in real GC could never be used as it was considered  a devil's voice if there was any vibrato!!! Also NO harmony at all,,, that was also sacreligious till way later when harmony was limited to 4ths and 5ths
pine Delfino
"The passion for music is already in itself a confession. Know more about a stranger music enthusiast that of someone who is insensitive to the music and we meet every day."

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ran across an old buddy from the NY Jazz Days.... Bassist Bill Crow who is a FB friend of Bev Getz, daughter of Stan getz and 2nd blood cousin to Mo!!! Well he rememebered the Hickory House days when I played opposite the Trio he was performing with--- Marian McPartland!!! It is great to see thtat he is alive and cookin... he recently performed with Ray Mosca Drummer who used to plat with my ex  husband Alex Kaallao!!! Small world!!! Hi, Bill1 Great to see you on FB.... Bill is a prolific writer and always upbeat.... I have purchased many of his books on NY Bass playing and given them to various of my Bassists throughout the years!!!  Always keep a few on hand  for that next bassist who "Doesnt have a clue" Hahaha !!!
Hi!!! google Duo Pianists " Anderson and Roe" they are totally stunning!!! Cant believe my eyes and ears!!! They are totally unique!!! Listen to their teaser for " The Rite of Spring" Gasp!!!
One of the most stupid things I ever dud!!!!! was give Jory Bushkin my treasured copy of the Schumann Piano Concerto when he was performing at the "Embers" a fancy east Side Boiterie for Jazz Piano trios... This was before I Goot my break to perform there... I paid for my Juilliard Schooling by working at the Embers as a Hat-Check Girl!!! [True}
  • Suezenne Fordham Lena was a treasured and beautiful Neighbor when we lived at 230 iverside Drive in NYV for many years!!! She alway smiled and greeted you as if you were her best friend!!! Really a treasure!!! Harry Belafonte was a neighbor, too but he was really stuk on himself.... spoke to NO ONE!!!
  • Glenda Joyce Hicks wow wish I could have met her.
  • Suezenne Fordham She loved to walk in the rain.... and wore a really elegant Brown Trenchcoat.... and a simple Bandana... and NO makeup... But her complexion was perfection!!1 Duke ellington lived a few blocks up Riverside Drive in a HUGE Penthouse Apartment.... he was another neighbor who wlways brightened your day with huge grins.... He also wore A trenchcoat and on really cold days a Cashmere overcoat and Fedora!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Suezenne Fordham NY was Great!!!Wwent to the Juilliard in "48 and loved it so much... then met a genius Architect... we moved to california and after 40 years of marriage he succombed to alcohol and suicide by shotgun... for all his genius he had many dark sides... The first 20 yeaars were wonderful and the last 20 were Hell...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Practised  til 7 AM slept in then went grocery shopping... funny then to pick up uhe babes to go to the barn.... took Neener's fly mask [ with ears} and a new "SWAT " for ear nasties ... black flies etc...  but didnt really walk around really bothered by people who don't keep their dogs on leashes A woman in California was attacked by 4 pitBulls and killed and the police cant  locate them !!! Drag! They just tore her to pieces she was 62, and out for a hike
I don't care what you say.... those dogs go off without warning and a human doesnt have a chance!!1 really sick people who owned them and removed them from their property when they saw what they did!!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Suezenne Fordham I think my WORST Blues line when I had my Underground Rock Band was "It's hard to find a Po'k chop in this cold and windy cit-all time was "It's hard to find a po'k chop in this cold and windy cit-ay"" Well after all we were starving as a band, but I supported us with my really cushy gig as a Park Avenue Chanteuse, singing in three languages and accompanying myself on Piano@@@ hahah Those were great days!!!

Monday, May 06, 2013

I once raised 3[!!!] baby hummingbords who were abandoned in their nest by their mother [ probably prey for a red tailed hawk.... they have to be fed every 15 minutes day and night!!! When they were ready to change food, I took them to a wildlife preserve and they were flying and briefly perching on my fingers!!! The wildlife people threatened me as an individual you are not allowed to do this...

Friday, May 03, 2013

One early  morning after a great Party,I was a  well known  Pianist in NY,[ I was bringing my Beau at the time Saxist Gerry Mulligan And Actor Jason  Robards Jr after eating escargot at an all night really hip restaurant... At one stop light I Looked in the rear view mirror of my VW Bug and Jason had a gun to my head... I freaked and he told me to "step on it" I did ... and after revving the car as fast as it would go, I looked in the rear view mirror at him again and he grinned evilly and put the gun to his mouth sideways and pulled the trigger and LIT HIS CIGARETTE!!! OMG!!!The gun was shaped like a small pistol.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Suezenne Fordham Funny that before anyone was starting to figure it out everyone I know felt something was terribly wrong but couldn't begin to unravel it!!! It felt as if the carpet was slowly being pulled from 'neath my feet.... My suicided husband felt that too, but he hid in alcohol and pain from physical disintegration... while I worried and threw myself into Jazz Fusion Concerts... and got Breast Cancer... It's all so surreal~~~

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Great day today.... after fretting about the cancer pill  I was invited to lunch with Anne Frankel, Extraordinary Show Jumoer Equestrienne wjo had a serious horse related accident in Feb..... I met het at her house and we weht to a really fun Italian restaurant, and had a really delicious lunch and shared a Tiramisu for desert!!!It was so good to get together with a lovely person and friend... Picked up my whole day and evening... I even brought part of my food home and had it for dinner!!
 Thank you, Anne...I was honored

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some great helpful info:Great Website!!! 
Healthy Holistic Living Sorry Suezenne

This is what Dr. Weil suggests:

"Bear in mind that medication isn't the only available approach for strengthening your bones. If you smoke, stop. Weight-bearing and strength-training exercises can help maintain bone mass. I recommend taking 500 to 700 mg of calcium citrate in two divided doses with meals, for a total daily intake of 1,000-1,200 mg from all sources, plus 2,000 IU vitamin D3 daily to promote calcium absorption. Cut back on your caffeine intake and soda consumption, and avoid excessive protein in your diet, all of which can promote calcium loss."

Have you considered the Gerson diet?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I need your help!!! Does anyone know how safe "Fossamax " is for osteo Porosis>I heard a couple years agi it could cause thinning of the jaw bones rendering them crippled!!1 My oncologist wants to put me on it as I have to take a chemo pill for 5 years to help stave off s return of my Breast Cancer... I am in a real quandry tonight... just hat I need... another sleepless night!!! I appreciate your help!!! hugs, suezenne

Monday, April 22, 2013

OK... here is a phenom!!! When there is a natural catastrophe in my yard... for instance My huge Chinese Elm developed aa faatal crack running vertically up the Trune.... the hummingbirds become very alarmed and land on my shoulders briefly and im a very distressed manner fly very close to the trees dangling twigs as if to share it's agony... This happenned when that tree split in the other side... but sittib=ng a distance from the ree I noticed this empaathy between the tree and the two hummies... and when I approached the tree with the trunk split and at about 3:00 position they both buzzed me and landed on my shoulder excitedly for a few second then flew back to the distressed tree... the tree man comes tomorrow... tyhere is no way to save the tree, alas.... This hurts.... she has been there since we moved in in 1973, and was huge then!!!

OK here I am in the middle of the night and suddenly I understood why the dangling twigs from the Chinese elm dragged through my haid as I walked past I go out to check it and sure enough it is slowly collapsing tp the sideand when it is finished it will take out the doghouse designed to look like Frank LLoyd Wright!! AND part of the fence surrounding the yard!!! Darn.... just what I need another Huge Bill!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

HOW can I sleep when there is an invasion of mice in ny Bathroo, vanity and it stinks like Mouse Pee?    No I cant afford $750 for rge exierminator

Thursday, April 04, 2013

So finally it seems I can keep my "Bone Density Scan Appointment at UCLA in Santa Monica [ their Osteo campus} I understand it will take about a half hour and no radiation to speak of... Then off to my fave Santa Monica Fish place for lunch... then the long drive back.... But I get to see and smell the ocean ... and pray the little N Korean Dictator can keep his fingers off the Nuke trigger.... really a scary thing... even scarier that O isnt rattling some sabers, too...How stupid people are always loving wars... while people starve all over including here... So, Pray, Everyone.... And have a meeting place to get back to your families... and put in some supplies.... The cab thing is to be hit with a nuke exploded in the atmosphere...knocking out our entire power grid for years.... WAKE UP everyone!!!
Todat was a good day to get a salad and sandwich from Sprouts.... really good quality and good prices!!!
 Two more weeks then I start the 5 years of Pills, including D3... to rebuild my bones  after the destruction the radiation has presumably done.... The Oncologist will also know tomorrow whether or not I can ride [ horses] due to my bones being too fragile... Amazing to go through all of this... really a fantastic experience!!!.... BTW My mentor and Professor of the Equal Intervan system of composition called me today, inviting me to join his new class ... A new foorm of Composition and of course I said YES!!!  MX Mitacek.... a genius.... Love Brilliant people!!!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

suezenne said...So today I took myself to Bloomies for lunch.... Had the usual.... half Tuna on WW bread and Bowl of soup.... good Mushroom and Barley and hot cup of coffee.... Then back home really lonely... missing the other routine.... Made appt for the Bone Density scan soon... This evening hanging out with my dawgs... and practicing and listening to KUSC Classical Music and a bit of talk radio!!! Mike Mitacek, my Equal Interval Composition Professor called me after a couple of years... totally knocked me out... He's getting a group together for further studies ould I be interested??? Heck yes!!! On and way great!!!But worried sick over my med bills!!!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

suezenne said...Yes... True today was my last Radiation Treatment.... 36 in allAftr the treatment at our sister Hospital [ Agathais still under repair] Lynn and her Assistant came into our waiting aresa singing silly songs and bringing to me my signed Document saying I had completed my Radiation Series, and a gift of a beautiful Key ring declaring me a Breast Cancer survivor.... All this bringing tears to my eyes.... I was the only one "graduating today..... I felt very down..... I really became atached to the staff tthere and the other Cancer fighters.... I was happy to complete this task of survival... but I will miss the Medical Attention, and the company of others who are in the same battle...But we all went from entering the reception area tand just stateing at the walls to being ab very friendly and gregarious group.... filled with optimisn and hope and really being encouraging to each other... Many jokes were told and many silly pranks in the Radiation Room..
it really for me was a very profound experience.... and I have shed many tears today and this evening over this hols thing...It was sad to say goodbye and to thank the great Limo Driver who got us speedily and safely from hospital to hospital.... And out Oncological Nurse who accompanied us and who was so concerned when she read my pulse was 34.... and she wanted to send me to the ER.... [no I didnt go} I think it was low potassium....Mixed feelings.... Oh well I see my Radiologist again in 6 weeks then again in 6 months to make sure the shin is healing Right now I look as if I've visited a totoo parlor for some serious Tatoos!!! Gross...
It actually looks like aurreal Art, I think....Now to get my Bone Density thing done and see my Med Oncologist to start my Vitamin D3, AND the 5year regimen of pills. Will try and sleep... Been giving Thanks and Blessings to all who have prayed and helped.... Bless you ALL!!! Tears..

Sunday, March 31, 2013

suezenne said...A totally great Easter!!! Maurice and Lynn took me for brunch at a new Hollywood seafood place " The Hungry Cat" They were rushing between gigs, but we had time to enjoy some really fine unusual seafood!!! /kinda depressed today... Tomorrow is my last radiation treatment.... being hauled over to a sister hospital as the Radiation machine at Glendale Advantist broke down last week, but they provided a comfortable Shuttle van and fine Chauffeur to tale the group of 7 to the Sister Hospital with a similar machine..Varnis Acceleratot Clinnic #???? so many ID #s... But tomorrow is my last day... I am sad over saying goodbye to these people, as we all have the same problem.... but I am loaded with the right amount of Radiation to fight mt cancer and get back to life in Music, and with my Trio or Quartet!!! These have been tense times but I know I have had great advice and I trust the people who are tending to me, and The support from people has been heart rending...So hopefully... life will go on, and I am Thankful for every bit of help, and Dr's genius, and His help in getting me through this.... so far.... I know I have frightened some friends and they really don't want to bother with me any more.... but there are others to lean a bit on! I am still the same person I was just slightly altered... And those who can see that will remain my friend... and if I lose a friend .... so what? The longer we know someone the closer we are to really knowing them!!!I thank God for my Son and Daughter in law, and all my friends and Volpino Assn people who sent prayers and all the other prayers, and thank Him for answering my prayers about getting through the "Treatment" W--O--W!!! What a great experience!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

OK finally ... here is the name of the Radiation Machine...."Varnia --- Particle Accellerator Blaster  and a whole bunch of id-ing letters....

Monday, March 25, 2013

Everyone prayers for Agatha's recovery or the location of the new Radiology machine!!!
My Radiologist said she will keep me posted tomorrow!!!She is a great Radioligist....[ I HOPE] hahah!!! what an adventure!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

AGATHA HAS MAJOR BREAKDOWN..The beloved Radiation Machin o important to our Cancer revoveries has had a total breakdown....She is the Radiation machine delivering to hughly specific sites of potential microscopic mastases sites sighed her last sigh and will undergo vast highly tecnical renovations to recover her former prowess in the destruction of cancer...Her reconstruction will take at least a week, and in the meantime the patients undergoing therapy will go th another hospital to use their radiation facilities.... hoping for the same positive results... and remain full of hope  optimism and trust...AGATHA is nick named for thte skilled British Detective who always gets the bad guys.... a very approproate name for an entity who eradicates cancer at the mo;ecular level... Bless you, AGATHA And Dr. Sara

Sunday, March 10, 2013

OK the Weekend..."free from the Radiation treatment and  the greasy Aquaphor... but missing the other patients and the staff.... listening to some coolJazz on KJazz LA!! Hearing friends who have passed!!! Icons... Thinking about it I never thought-realised that guys like Cal Tjader, Teddy Charles, Milt Jackson< Bill Evans,George Shearing,Billy Taylor, Great Iconic musicians and in my clique... and Gerry Mulligan  whom I tried my level best to save froom his Junk habuts... spending heaps of money on great food I'd cook for him to keep him healthy.... He eventually married a countess ... he was totally addicted to glam Hollywood types.... and she was able to kind of straighten him out sort of, before he goe a leg infection and died of it.... He was a boozer,too... but hat a great  Baariton Player.... Never thought he'd go.... or any of tthem... they had too much talent to just kakaway...Oh well, he spent a few years studying Piano tecnic with me.... he had a "Pianoless Quartrt, but it really wasn't as he would always wend his way to a piano and play a few stumbling choruses on piano....  If he didnt like the music on my Steinway, he'd pick it up and teaar it into small pieces!!!o, he didnt pay me for  the stuff he destroyed....Milt Jackson AKA Bags] also studied Piano tecnic with me??? ....In Italy he was famous not only as a vibes player, but as a piano playing singer!!! Hahah! Betcha you didn't know that about him....And did you know he loved to present friends with fresh Peach Cobbler he made? Still warm from his kitchen in his multimillion $$$ 2 story home in Scarsdale, NY... a VERY fancy area..... but he constantly whoned about being discriminated against, yet he was at the top!!! We had many heated public arguments about who was more discriminated against... Him or ME... a white chick  making a living as a
Jazz Pianist... In case you wonder what dinner was tonight.....It was great... healthy and filling:.
Strange dinner: Hand sliced Roast Beef Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread with German Mustard/Onion?broccoli sprouts,arrugala,tomato,//Salad with Baby Greens, arragala,sugared walnuts,Red Oinion,tomato,spinach greens///Later on: NF Yogurt with Mango,Pistacios, tsp Strawb Jam!!!! Healthy??? Love Sprouts... great prices esp on meat!!! XXXs later a square of TJ's chocolate bar with Hazeknuts!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

THANK you Maurice for more treasured memories!!!
I'm still on cloud 9 from the great performance of the LACO tonight with Their conductor -Pianist Jeffrey Kahane!!! He lectured dissected and then Starred as Soloist in the Beethoven 4th Piano Concerto!!!I Loved his performence even more than the one with Dame Myra Hess and the NY Phil at Carnegie Hahh in the early 50's!!!BTW Myra used Music and the Concert Artists were all abuzz and indignant the next day!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Doing great!!! Radiation going well.... Breast is slowly turning very tan... and They insist I use "Aquaphor" to moisturise.... Cot cocanut oil as it will cause burns" so here I am I think I am into my 3 1/2 week of 4 1/2 weeks... I will miss the very upbeat , understanding and kind staff... the great Doctor Sara Kim... carecully intense... And the free parking.... and treating myself to something as a reward... And in keeping optimistic, I always wear good clothes and take time for makeup to present smiles to those I see... The Center asked me to participate in a sort of Beauty presentation in which the top cosmetic companies come in and present their products and how to use them... hahah!!! sounds strange, but is a woman feels good about herself her spirit will be in a more healing mood!!! I feel a sense of community here and wish all the patients a

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Still with trepidition I know the 1st year anniversary of my Brilliant Architect Husband, Daumants us quickly approaching... He did this selfish and horrid thing on Valentine's Eve!!! Really ghastly!!
i am still reeling from it!!! What an insidious thing alcohol is and all it's ailments, pain and sorrows!!
Cant believe tomorrow ends the fitst week and a half of Radiation treatments for my post surgery Breast Cancer.... At the beginning of last week, days 1/2 and 3 were spent with the Radiologist and her team carecully measurung everything and getting me over my terror of the huge maching and her souncs... Her name is "Agatha" because she always gets the bad guys... So the test run was last Wednesday, and we began in ernest... The team was caring and understanding and gradually my fears subsided and last Thursday and Friday went smoothly... then Sat and sunday off and Monday through today just flew by and I am at ease and after each treatment The oncol nurse and staff told me to use "Aquafor" a moistening cream so the skin will be more comfortable from the radiation.... I was already starting to itch... It is really fine that I go closer to where I live for treatmaant.... I drive there mysrlf and this gives me a sense of control... and I find that prayer is very comforting when faced with Agatha and her scary sounds!!! I so much comforted byt the team and joking with them,,, anf after this week there will be 5 more weeks... I have not had reactions yet... so am thankful!!!Keep your fingers Xed!!! XXXsThank you all my friends, and special prayers to those suffering from the Flu and all ailments!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Return to building tecnic dead ahead!!!

Fot those of you interested I have returned vigorously to a practice schedule of 5-7 hours a day.... mostly Bach/Brahms 51 and various Rachmaninov compossitions because they really rebuild tecnic,,, I didnt have much energies while undergoing all the tests and surgery at UCLA, though theere were virtually no ill effects from the excellent Surgeon and director of the UCLA Breast Center... she is a miracle worker
Thanking all of you who send Love and White Light and Positivity!!! MMMmWWWah!!!

Prelim to being irradiated!!!

oTay today was the appointment with my Radiologist!!! Not at UCLA... but nearer to where I live... at Glendale Adventist Cancer center... she will give me 5 minutes of Radiation to the area where the tumor was.... essentially irradiating the whole left Breast[ considerably smaller after Dr. Chang's excellent surgery... the radiation will go on for 6 1/2 weeks 5 days a week ... she will check me frequently for burning of the skin... she is an excellent Radiologist and encouraging and I agree that this is my best chance at life along with the 5 years of pills [ NOT Tamoxathin which gives blood clots in many instances] And so tomorrow I have an appointment with them the forst of tree preliminary tests, then we begin the irradiation of me a week from next Monday!!! Yes I believe in alt stuff... but when you ur life dangles, you get down to taking care of business, as Maurice puts it!!!Thank you for your White Light, Don... and your Love, Yves.... When you are in town lets have lunch if you can stand bopping around in one of my '72 VW Bugs!!! Lots of fun!

Monday, January 21, 2013

To bring you up to date

I was informed that I could not begin Radiation for my Breast cancer til the breast had completely healed.... I have an appt this Wednesday with the Radiologist.... It will be at a reputable facility closer to home as the irriadition of my L Breast will take six weeks... So if I choose life, I have to choose my best shot, including 5 years oon a pill.....

Another wonderful blessed day

Hooray!!1 lost 1 lb of the 4 I had put on with the use of insulin!!! My endroconologist pit me onn Glucophage last week and that stuff really works!!! And way less expensive that Ceylon Cinneman!!! [on Amazon] going to tell the radiologist all the suppliments that are recommended for this procedure.... There is a canadian protocal that they double up omn radiarion and it halves the time it takes.... I want the experience of the full procedure... I'm not in a hurry
Most of the securing tabs holding the wound together have fallen off except the one in my armpit thay was a sentinal node [ It was negative=no cancer
Tomorrow I will do something really fun in the glorious Ca Sunshine Got a really good call from Mo late this afternoon as he and Lynn were out Dog-Walking!!! My Opthamologist said it would be possible to do my cataracts while I am undergoing radiation, and that it may help with the glaucoma pressure in my left eye, hough I am on Travatan!!! Stay tuned!!! Just remember sometimes we have to repair our vintage cars if we want them to keep rumming!!! Hugs and TY for all your Prayers and positivity!!! God Bless us ALL!!!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

It was amazing and awesome to be the focus of the
UCLA Revlon Greast Center as they went into full battle cry to get the cancer out of my breast and yet save it from mutilation!!! A total of 32~~~ diagnostic tests AND tests to make as sure as possible thtat I could physically withstand the surgery!!! Amazing as is the Surgeon Revlon Breast Center 

's director{ Helena Chang,] Director of the UCLA  Revlon Breast Center!!! Thank the Lord there are such places for those who are stuck with quacks and are desolate with no other options!!1 Thank you, Lynn and Mo for your excellent hope giving support and suggesting this place!!!To say everything of the many many 5AM runs to the distant 
uCLA Revlon Center .......I you are ever diagnosed please find a Breast Center, it makes all the difference in the understanding of the situation and, in my opinion, the outcome!!! BUT, of course check it out and make sure it has the highest rating possible!! Your life is at stake!   xoxoxos... suezenne

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

COVER STORY @@@@ Hey everyone !!! THIS is my Breast Oncologist!!!

The Revlon/UCLA Breast Center Spent More Than a Year Wooing Its Soft-Spoken Successor to Susan Love. The Result? Helena Chang--Esteemed Scientist, Lauded Surgeon and Apolitical Anti-Activist.

June 21, 1998|LISA LEFF | Lisa Leff's last article for the magazine was about the City News Service

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As she sits next to Cindy Crawford in a conference room at the Revlon/UCLA breast center, Dr. Helena Chang, lauded surgeon and cancer researcher, looks as if she would rather be any place else on earth. It's the day before the annual Fire & Ice Ball, the glittering Hollywood gawkfest-cum-gala that raises millions for women's cancer research at UCLA. And in a stroke of public relations moxie, Revlon has enticed "Entertainment Tonight" and "Good Morning America" to visit the labs and clinics where the money goes by offering up its spokesmodel as guest interviewer.
As the breast center's new director, Chang is an obvious choice as interviewee. But with a boom mike hovering and a roomful of strangers staring, the strain of the public appearance shows in her tight smile and clenched hands. The 49-year-old doctor, fresh from a morning spent cutting another woman's flesh with an electric scalpel, flinches when Crawford reaches over to brush a strand of hair off her face. Her answers to softball questions sound stiff, despite several rehearsals.
As soon as the crew starts to pack up, Chang slips out and begs off the next stop, a date with CNN.
"They don't need me, do they?" she asks a UCLA spokesman stationed in the hall.
It's optional, he says. "So that was harder than operating, huh?"
It's difficult to imagine a similar scene starring Chang's predecessor at UCLA, the outspoken and camera-ready Dr. Susan Love. A passionate and impatient agitator who helped put breast cancer on the federal health-care agenda and the author of two popular books on women's health, Love was, and still is, a widely admired publicity magnet. Her characteristically provocative quip that modern medicine's approach to breast cancer treatment amounted to "slash, burn and poison" made her a talk-show regular and the nation's best-known breast surgeon.
Temperamentally and philosophically, Chang occupies a separate universe. A woman so shy that her husband jokes she married him because he is big enough to hide behind, and so driven that she began her surgical residency 48 hours after giving birth, she abstains from the politics of disease. Until arriving at UCLA from Brown University last October, she had been a quiet crusader, confining her breast cancer fight to the research lab or the operating room. Even now, inhabiting an office with a built-in bully pulpit, she defends the strides that have been made in treating breast cancer rather than flag any deficiencies.
This preference for science over celebrity put Chang on the short list to lead UCLA's clinical war on breast cancer in the post-Love era. During her four years as the breast center's founding director, Love clashed with some doctor colleagues who resented her contrary style--men in particular felt her barbs--and the time she spent away from the Westwood campus playing on a bigger stage. Love resigned and stopped seeing patients in May 1996, citing a desire to devote all her time to national women's-health issues.
Her exit left UCLA with a huge vacuum to fill. The number of breast center patients dropped as much as 40% after her departure and has yet to rebound fully, in part because the 1990 bestseller "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book" pulled in so much business. Though Love attributes her departure to mid-career angst, her supporters outside UCLA suspect that petty jealousies pushed her out. That perception gained credence last year with the publication of "To Dance With the Devil," an account of the modern breast cancer movement by L.A. journalist Karen Stabiner that chronicles Love's squabbles with her bosses.
Besides lending an air of calm, Chang is expected to help a renowned research institution strengthen its reputation as a premier provider of cancer diagnosis, consultation, treatment--and breakthroughs. Breast cancer, in particular, is big business and good politics. The center Chang runs is not only a place to treat patients but also a giant petri dish for testing medical advances.
"If you are going to have any kind of presence in cancer, based on numbers, breast cancer is going to be one of the areas where you will want to have major expertise," says Dr. Dennis Slamon, chief of hematology-oncology at UCLA's Department of Medicine. Federal research funding for the disease, which will strike about 171,000 women this year, has more than tripled since the turn of the decade. And the demand for clinical services will spiral upward as baby boomers confront a cancer that favors women over 50. Locally, UCLA has keen rivals in the contest for patients at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica; a recent Self magazine poll of health-care professionals ranked those hospitals, but not UCLA, among the nation's top 10 for patient care.

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