Thursday, October 27, 2011

In perusing information about Steinways, my FAVORITE Piano manufacturer {US made in Astoria LI] last night, I remeasured my second piano.... Turns out it is NOT an "M" but a very rare "A3" and weighs in at 645 pounds.... Due to being made of solid Ebony. I am so proud of my Steinways, and thankful to my Son.
My other Steinway at one time belonged tomy Dear Friend, the great Concert Pianist William Kapell, and upon his untimely tragic death in a commercial airliner crash returning from a stopover in Hawaii after his exhausting tour in Australia... The airliner plowed into a mountainside near Half Moon Bay just a few miles from the San Fransisco Airport....
I wound up with his piano, rather one of his pianos... He had three in his Studio [actually his brownstone home he shared with Mama and Papa Kapell] on east 94th Street... Two were Concert "D"s 8'11" the third and mine is a Concert "B" 6'11"... with very Stiff action. And of course this is my preferred piano BECAUSE of the very stiff action... translating to more powerful hands. Also, as it turns out translating to Dupuytrens syndrome, a thickening of the tendons in the hands, due to extensive practice through the years... Though general MDs will encourage you to have surgery, you will be incapacitated for a year, and will NEVER play again because of the scar tissue in the palms in those tendons. It is treated be a Chirohealer who uses the Graston Tecnic,thus releasing the tangled tendons, rendering my hands very free and excellent tecnic wise. Thank you Dr. David Simmons of Arcadia...
And as you see... my Kapell piano has a excellent companion and almost the same size! I thank Maurice so much for this treasure.
And YES YES YES I practice Piano tecnic every day.. sometimes playing well into the late night. I rotate things.... one day are the Brahms 51 exerscises as chosen for me by my Great Master in NY Robert Goldsand.... He chose perhaps 45 of those 51.... Then I do all scales in DOUBLE Thirds.... the Liszt fingerings.
You see Mr Goldsand Studied with Moritz Rosenthal, who was a favored pupil of Franz Liszt! I am proud of studying with Goldsand, as I have an almost direct lineage to Liszt's approach to tecnic! The next Day, I delve into the Lechetizsky Method, and afterward, several Chopin Etudes,sometimes changing their keys and jazz repertoire and changes. The Third Day will be classical repertoire and things my group will use in concert, plus a return to intense scales in double thirds, and sixths.
From time to time I take a bit of time away from my Steinways...
My whole life has been devoted to music. I am truly blessed to have found what I really loved early in life! Hugs, I hope YOU are so blessed, too, and IN the ARTS! KissKiss


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