Sunday, December 02, 2012

New "Bump in the Road"
Last week I went to see my doc about a Breast lump!!! After diagnostic Mamagram, I had a n ultrasound, then the really invasive Biopsy.... This determined that I have Breast cancer.... My Son and daughter in Law took me on a very nice trip to SanFran and Napa Valley for Thanksgiving.... Dogs into the kennel... Superb Family and fun in Napa.... heavenly sleeping, but things were bothering me It seemed to me tthat There ought to be a Center devoted only to breast cancer.... Yes there is ... Revlon Breast Center .. When we got back I started calling  dr Heaps my oncologist for my Hysterectomy...His office gave me the name of a doctor at UCLA's Revlon.... their staff made an appt with in a few days, so I go there at 8AM This Tuesday  for a thorough exam with A woman Doctor, Dr. Chang....I have all my results and even a slice of my Left Breast!!! Yes, I'm scared, but it was my rider for Neeners who told me to go when I finally confided to her that I had a lump...
i have  a lumpectomy,I will have to have Chemo and radiation the Ca will return, If they remove the whole Breast, My Precious Diseased Left Breast, I will probably only have to have radiation "for a good rsult
'I pray I will be brave and make Mo and Lynn Proud!!!
 Prayers everyone......Some people dont want to know, believe me it is BETTER to know!!! Do those exams Save your life!! AndMen get Breast Cancer, too!! .

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