Monday, January 21, 2013

Another wonderful blessed day

Hooray!!1 lost 1 lb of the 4 I had put on with the use of insulin!!! My endroconologist pit me onn Glucophage last week and that stuff really works!!! And way less expensive that Ceylon Cinneman!!! [on Amazon] going to tell the radiologist all the suppliments that are recommended for this procedure.... There is a canadian protocal that they double up omn radiarion and it halves the time it takes.... I want the experience of the full procedure... I'm not in a hurry
Most of the securing tabs holding the wound together have fallen off except the one in my armpit thay was a sentinal node [ It was negative=no cancer
Tomorrow I will do something really fun in the glorious Ca Sunshine Got a really good call from Mo late this afternoon as he and Lynn were out Dog-Walking!!! My Opthamologist said it would be possible to do my cataracts while I am undergoing radiation, and that it may help with the glaucoma pressure in my left eye, hough I am on Travatan!!! Stay tuned!!! Just remember sometimes we have to repair our vintage cars if we want them to keep rumming!!! Hugs and TY for all your Prayers and positivity!!! God Bless us ALL!!!

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