Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Prelim to being irradiated!!!

oTay today was the appointment with my Radiologist!!! Not at UCLA... but nearer to where I live... at Glendale Adventist Cancer center... she will give me 5 minutes of Radiation to the area where the tumor was.... essentially irradiating the whole left Breast[ considerably smaller after Dr. Chang's excellent surgery... the radiation will go on for 6 1/2 weeks 5 days a week ... she will check me frequently for burning of the skin... she is an excellent Radiologist and encouraging and I agree that this is my best chance at life along with the 5 years of pills [ NOT Tamoxathin which gives blood clots in many instances] And so tomorrow I have an appointment with them the forst of tree preliminary tests, then we begin the irradiation of me a week from next Monday!!! Yes I believe in alt stuff... but when you ur life dangles, you get down to taking care of business, as Maurice puts it!!!Thank you for your White Light, Don... and your Love, Yves.... When you are in town lets have lunch if you can stand bopping around in one of my '72 VW Bugs!!! Lots of fun!

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