Thursday, February 07, 2013

Cant believe tomorrow ends the fitst week and a half of Radiation treatments for my post surgery Breast Cancer.... At the beginning of last week, days 1/2 and 3 were spent with the Radiologist and her team carecully measurung everything and getting me over my terror of the huge maching and her souncs... Her name is "Agatha" because she always gets the bad guys... So the test run was last Wednesday, and we began in ernest... The team was caring and understanding and gradually my fears subsided and last Thursday and Friday went smoothly... then Sat and sunday off and Monday through today just flew by and I am at ease and after each treatment The oncol nurse and staff told me to use "Aquafor" a moistening cream so the skin will be more comfortable from the radiation.... I was already starting to itch... It is really fine that I go closer to where I live for treatmaant.... I drive there mysrlf and this gives me a sense of control... and I find that prayer is very comforting when faced with Agatha and her scary sounds!!! I so much comforted byt the team and joking with them,,, anf after this week there will be 5 more weeks... I have not had reactions yet... so am thankful!!!Keep your fingers Xed!!! XXXsThank you all my friends, and special prayers to those suffering from the Flu and all ailments!!!

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