Sunday, March 10, 2013

OK the Weekend..."free from the Radiation treatment and  the greasy Aquaphor... but missing the other patients and the staff.... listening to some coolJazz on KJazz LA!! Hearing friends who have passed!!! Icons... Thinking about it I never thought-realised that guys like Cal Tjader, Teddy Charles, Milt Jackson< Bill Evans,George Shearing,Billy Taylor, Great Iconic musicians and in my clique... and Gerry Mulligan  whom I tried my level best to save froom his Junk habuts... spending heaps of money on great food I'd cook for him to keep him healthy.... He eventually married a countess ... he was totally addicted to glam Hollywood types.... and she was able to kind of straighten him out sort of, before he goe a leg infection and died of it.... He was a boozer,too... but hat a great  Baariton Player.... Never thought he'd go.... or any of tthem... they had too much talent to just kakaway...Oh well, he spent a few years studying Piano tecnic with me.... he had a "Pianoless Quartrt, but it really wasn't as he would always wend his way to a piano and play a few stumbling choruses on piano....  If he didnt like the music on my Steinway, he'd pick it up and teaar it into small pieces!!!o, he didnt pay me for  the stuff he destroyed....Milt Jackson AKA Bags] also studied Piano tecnic with me??? ....In Italy he was famous not only as a vibes player, but as a piano playing singer!!! Hahah! Betcha you didn't know that about him....And did you know he loved to present friends with fresh Peach Cobbler he made? Still warm from his kitchen in his multimillion $$$ 2 story home in Scarsdale, NY... a VERY fancy area..... but he constantly whoned about being discriminated against, yet he was at the top!!! We had many heated public arguments about who was more discriminated against... Him or ME... a white chick  making a living as a
Jazz Pianist... In case you wonder what dinner was tonight.....It was great... healthy and filling:.
Strange dinner: Hand sliced Roast Beef Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread with German Mustard/Onion?broccoli sprouts,arrugala,tomato,//Salad with Baby Greens, arragala,sugared walnuts,Red Oinion,tomato,spinach greens///Later on: NF Yogurt with Mango,Pistacios, tsp Strawb Jam!!!! Healthy??? Love Sprouts... great prices esp on meat!!! XXXs later a square of TJ's chocolate bar with Hazeknuts!!!

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