Monday, April 22, 2013

OK... here is a phenom!!! When there is a natural catastrophe in my yard... for instance My huge Chinese Elm developed aa faatal crack running vertically up the Trune.... the hummingbirds become very alarmed and land on my shoulders briefly and im a very distressed manner fly very close to the trees dangling twigs as if to share it's agony... This happenned when that tree split in the other side... but sittib=ng a distance from the ree I noticed this empaathy between the tree and the two hummies... and when I approached the tree with the trunk split and at about 3:00 position they both buzzed me and landed on my shoulder excitedly for a few second then flew back to the distressed tree... the tree man comes tomorrow... tyhere is no way to save the tree, alas.... This hurts.... she has been there since we moved in in 1973, and was huge then!!!

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