Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ran across an old buddy from the NY Jazz Days.... Bassist Bill Crow who is a FB friend of Bev Getz, daughter of Stan getz and 2nd blood cousin to Mo!!! Well he rememebered the Hickory House days when I played opposite the Trio he was performing with--- Marian McPartland!!! It is great to see thtat he is alive and cookin... he recently performed with Ray Mosca Drummer who used to plat with my ex  husband Alex Kaallao!!! Small world!!! Hi, Bill1 Great to see you on FB.... Bill is a prolific writer and always upbeat.... I have purchased many of his books on NY Bass playing and given them to various of my Bassists throughout the years!!!  Always keep a few on hand  for that next bassist who "Doesnt have a clue" Hahaha !!!

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