Sunday, May 12, 2013

  • Suezenne Fordham Lena was a treasured and beautiful Neighbor when we lived at 230 iverside Drive in NYV for many years!!! She alway smiled and greeted you as if you were her best friend!!! Really a treasure!!! Harry Belafonte was a neighbor, too but he was really stuk on himself.... spoke to NO ONE!!!
  • Glenda Joyce Hicks wow wish I could have met her.
  • Suezenne Fordham She loved to walk in the rain.... and wore a really elegant Brown Trenchcoat.... and a simple Bandana... and NO makeup... But her complexion was perfection!!1 Duke ellington lived a few blocks up Riverside Drive in a HUGE Penthouse Apartment.... he was another neighbor who wlways brightened your day with huge grins.... He also wore A trenchcoat and on really cold days a Cashmere overcoat and Fedora!!!

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