Monday, June 25, 2012

What a great day today!!! Call from Mo.... Concert at St Cyril's... Durfley Requiem.. Orch and Chorus led by that Great James Beck!!! Zip I was there with Max in tow to keep me company and stay in the car afterI found a great shady spot, de pottied and depeed him, fresh drinking water then on in to hear that great tearful Requiem! A tribute Concert for a much loved priest who had Died a while ago .... Great tribute.

Afterwards, i invited them for early dinner at my fave Italian Restaurant, "Farfalla" in Encino.... Really great food ! I had Zuppa di Pomadero, and a Cesare Salad... The Zuppa was awesome, the best I've ever had, AND really great Crusty Italian Bread with a little bown of the BEST Olive Oil with finely cut Garlic and a touch of Italian herbs1 "\Pelegrino with a twist of Lemon... The Zuppa had towsted Bread on the bottom of the soup bowl and was thoroughly sopped with the thick Tomato-y Zuppa!!! The waiters were really cool and a good time was had by all!Then off to rehersal for Mo, and off to the Barn for Max and me!!!

Hello to Jara and La Suenita... a toss of Grain Hay, and scrubbing of the water buckets, and a quick clean-up of the stalls then give the great Rodeo Horse KD her carefully measured supplements as per Anne's instructions.... She gets betterand better! [KD] under the watchful eyes of Anne, who is a brilliant horseWoman! Then on home, greetings for mt PitBulls who are incredible guards and on to an evening of hassling around with this stupid computer as I have ben blocked from my own emai;l!!! And the way back to it is a neverending loop that goes nowhere.... I really think I have been hacked? Oh, well TOMORROW is a nother adventure filled day! See Ya!!! Hang in there, to quote Myrna!

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