Sunday, June 24, 2012

With profound apologies to my Band, and my Public, I am sorry for having to cancel my Series fro last Febuary 13th through the June 11 th concert!!

My profound personal tragedy made it impossible to really do my players justice.... The one concert we did play was ill attended, due to my really not being able to concentrate on getting the WORD out] and the cohesion in the group was non existent.... They tried, but that mind bending concentration was missing and I had to call the concert to a halt halfway through... And Yes, they were paid....

I have been treating myself well, and practicing WHAT and when at my discretion...If I feel like playing rachmaninov, I will, If it is Chopin, or Beethoven I will ... I am using the Great classical repertoire to retain and grow my tecnic.... Do I sound like Bill? No, but the hands are regaining their tecnic and Depth of thought ... I don't limit myself to Leschitezsky or the Brahms 51 OR the Chopin Etudes.... And I am giving myself the luxary of Rach for the first time in my life... It is essential that I be gentle with myself ... so I may recover totally in the shortest time possible, and draw my players or new ones close to once again perform my dreams and theirs!

I am even doing gardening walking my new old dogs and getting rid of a lot of things, clutter... but still not able to toss out his clothes... Can't get it through my head WHY he folded his underwear so meticulously before shooting himself! And he left hiis wedding Ring of 40 years on the Bathroomm counter!!! I don't think I will ever understand !!! My dogs are a source of Joy solace as is my great son Maurice and Daughter in Law, Lynn, AND my few but fabulous Friends both in person AND FB! Not to mention my Great Steinway that once belonged to Willie Kapell!!! A charming concert "B"...BTW, I don't wish this on anyone! I look forward to a continuing of my self healing, and look forward to many years of making music with the best possible Musicians.... Thank you for your Understanding! xoxoxos suezenne

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