Sunday, March 31, 2013

suezenne said...A totally great Easter!!! Maurice and Lynn took me for brunch at a new Hollywood seafood place " The Hungry Cat" They were rushing between gigs, but we had time to enjoy some really fine unusual seafood!!! /kinda depressed today... Tomorrow is my last radiation treatment.... being hauled over to a sister hospital as the Radiation machine at Glendale Advantist broke down last week, but they provided a comfortable Shuttle van and fine Chauffeur to tale the group of 7 to the Sister Hospital with a similar machine..Varnis Acceleratot Clinnic #???? so many ID #s... But tomorrow is my last day... I am sad over saying goodbye to these people, as we all have the same problem.... but I am loaded with the right amount of Radiation to fight mt cancer and get back to life in Music, and with my Trio or Quartet!!! These have been tense times but I know I have had great advice and I trust the people who are tending to me, and The support from people has been heart rending...So hopefully... life will go on, and I am Thankful for every bit of help, and Dr's genius, and His help in getting me through this.... so far.... I know I have frightened some friends and they really don't want to bother with me any more.... but there are others to lean a bit on! I am still the same person I was just slightly altered... And those who can see that will remain my friend... and if I lose a friend .... so what? The longer we know someone the closer we are to really knowing them!!!I thank God for my Son and Daughter in law, and all my friends and Volpino Assn people who sent prayers and all the other prayers, and thank Him for answering my prayers about getting through the "Treatment" W--O--W!!! What a great experience!!!

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