Tuesday, April 02, 2013

suezenne said...Yes... True today was my last Radiation Treatment.... 36 in allAftr the treatment at our sister Hospital [ Agathais still under repair] Lynn and her Assistant came into our waiting aresa singing silly songs and bringing to me my signed Document saying I had completed my Radiation Series, and a gift of a beautiful Key ring declaring me a Breast Cancer survivor.... All this bringing tears to my eyes.... I was the only one "graduating today..... I felt very down..... I really became atached to the staff tthere and the other Cancer fighters.... I was happy to complete this task of survival... but I will miss the Medical Attention, and the company of others who are in the same battle...But we all went from entering the reception area tand just stateing at the walls to being ab very friendly and gregarious group.... filled with optimisn and hope and really being encouraging to each other... Many jokes were told and many silly pranks in the Radiation Room..
it really for me was a very profound experience.... and I have shed many tears today and this evening over this hols thing...It was sad to say goodbye and to thank the great Limo Driver who got us speedily and safely from hospital to hospital.... And out Oncological Nurse who accompanied us and who was so concerned when she read my pulse was 34.... and she wanted to send me to the ER.... [no I didnt go} I think it was low potassium....Mixed feelings.... Oh well I see my Radiologist again in 6 weeks then again in 6 months to make sure the shin is healing Right now I look as if I've visited a totoo parlor for some serious Tatoos!!! Gross...
It actually looks like aurreal Art, I think....Now to get my Bone Density thing done and see my Med Oncologist to start my Vitamin D3, AND the 5year regimen of pills. Will try and sleep... Been giving Thanks and Blessings to all who have prayed and helped.... Bless you ALL!!! Tears..

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