Sunday, May 26, 2013

OMG Its all hitting me today... Maurice went to NY a few days ago, and Lyn told me he went there to bury daumants  D's ashes were at Mo's apartmany months as they couldnt find the right size urn that would fit in the Wall where his parents are buried... D didnt want this he just wanted to be scattered  in places,,, but Mo, Lynn and I thought it would be better for him to be beside his parentsAt rota Latvian compound in Upstate Ny... And so it was that Maurice went to NY to see his Brothers , retrieve the ashes tthentake them upstate.... from what Lynn said... they had a candlelight ceremony, though it was raining And a couple of other people were there...AAnd it is hitting me about the whole of time that D and I were married... The first 20 years were really ... though nothing  for me in my field here in LA!!! But through hard work... Mo developed into a stunning Cellist and ultimately married a marvelous young Lady,,,, Brilliant AND a Violist.... they had no children asMaurice developed Cancer Hodgkins and they were then only married 5 years.... they grew even closer and defeated that disease with Fine medical treatments from Cedars Sinai... They both became valuable Playere in the Studio Scene here... also in the Symphony, and Chamber Music areas....And for tthe first 20 tears D. was very successful as a Theme Park Architect- Imagineer at Disney... Alcohol had been a part of his life and as the years spun on it became moore of a problem... to be continued

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