Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Suezenne Fordham I Love that "Sonata"....Another Cliche I adore is the 17 year old prodigy violinist hobblong onstage, ultimatelly teetering on the brink of fallong over withh grand Bushy Hair AND the Humongously full skirted Tight bodiced most likaly Flaming Red Gown ..... professing to master a major Concerto... Say Brahms or Sibelius or God Forbid edging themselves further toward Carpel Tunnel with the Shostakovitch Cello Concerto [ if a cellist then regaleing to the orcghestea members and audience that she was havine "tendon trouble" just a few daus earlirt.... Also vital in this performance is the head tossing throwing around the sweaty by now decoiffed "DO" Wway too hilarious!!!
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