Friday, May 17, 2013

  • Suezenne Fordham On Mamo's farm where I spent a lot of my childhood... there was a storm cellar that she used to put her home canned goods from her bountiful garden.... Just a hole omn the ground with a sort of top on it covered with earth at ground level.... One time my cousin and I were home alone when a bad twister hit and my cuz had the sense to get us and the dogs in there and get thte horizontal door closed... the tornado hit bad taking ALL the ois away ti Neverland!!! We never saw or heard about them from that time.... It was a somple thing maybe 6 ft X 10 feet .... homw done but it really worked as it was below ground with the door horozontal levey with the ground and a MILLION Black widow Spisies!!! EEEEEKKKkkk!!

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