Thursday, May 16, 2013

  • Suezenne Fordham: to Bassist and co worker at NY's Hickory HouseJazz Club
    Yes I remember you very well with MMPAnd also Joe Morello!!! W--O--W!! was she ticked when Joe left her Trio!!! I moved out here to LA in the early 70s and it really sucks as far as music goes... I sidestepped the clubs and formed my concert group... 4th Stream Avant GardeFun!!! [Including 8 gongs... My Son is a Studio and free lance Cellist That's interesting.... My Trio was on the road a lot out of NY for Glaser... I love your writings .... It reconnects me so clearly with NY.... I have never been back.... I hated to leave but married a brilliant young Architect wjo became a Theme Park Architect for Disney... Alas!!! he killed himself a year ago Valentines eve.... I still ride horseback, and have my own Paso Fino Gaited horses, doing all the work myself and sometimes teaching tthat discipline.... Still practice 7 hours a day starting at about 11PM.... hahah!!! Still into small cars have 4 VWs 72 s..... I am so tickled when I see your name!!! Bev is a long time FB friend,,,, turns out she is second cousin to my som [ the cellist.... in his long genealogical pursuit!!! Have a Ball.... Tickled to reconnect with you And really tickled at the thoughts of the HH!!! Remember Mr Popkin chasing a waaiter around that Bar with an ashtray raised overhead after a costomer complained about the steak>>> OMG How funny was that!!! Remember Bessie, the lady's room attendat and the really cool Musicians' table where everyone hung out??? Wwell I better not bother you .... please do Frind my FB as there are loads of grreat musicians and others there!!! Hugs from Ca.... [ gotta get to the Barn and take care of chores!!!
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  • Suezenne Fordham
    Your group with M. Napoleon and Ra7 sounded good you really cook!!! Chops ae great!!1 Ray, too give him my Hi's and I send him a hug Does he still live in Garden Grove?? I was really saddenned by Telly Charles passing... we were friends for years!!! No one told me I just kept trying to get him on the phone for our usual conversations!!! Wonder what happenned to all his dogs??? !!! I am a bear with Bassists and I was really happy to see and hear you on the computer [ at the Regency} hahah!! Terrif!!!

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